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Bluenose Championship Conditions of Play

The Bluenose Championship is an annual event for men’s and women’s triples lawn bowls teams who have won their respective local club championships. Winning teams from the club event will be “Bluenose Club Champions” and will then play down to produce a provincial champion from all lawn bowl clubs in Nova Scotia. The objective of this event is to create another level of competition which does not include players already competing at the provincial and national events in the sport of lawn bowls.

Bluenose Championship Eligibility Requirements 2017

We trust that all participants will respect the intent of this championship which is for bowls clubs to engage their members to participate in a club championship to declare a club champion to represent the club in a men’s and women’s triples competition. The event is formulated for club teams and should not include past or present elite players. The objective is to support the development of lawn bowls across Nova Scotia. We keep this objective in mind as we set our eligibility requirements and tournament rules of play, including rules of Bowls Canada’s as contained in the “Laws of the Sport of Bowls. Lawn Bowls Nova Scotia (LBNS) reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to exclude any team that violates this spirit and intent as it pertains to the rules set out below:

  1. The lawn bowls club, represented by the club team, must be affiliated with LBNS and all dues must be paid in full. The players of any club champion team must be members in good standing of the affiliated lawn bowls club. Any player can be a member of more than one affiliated bowls club, but shall declare one “home club” for this competition.
  2. Each club will declare a men’s team and women’s team of three (3) players to represent their club through either their normal league winners, a club championship process, or through a designated Bluenose Club Championship competition within the club. The team designated to represent the club is the team that plays in the provincial competition. If a replacement player is used, (i.e., a player who did not qualify with that team) that player MUST play lead.
  3. Players going to a national event (Juniors, Under 25’s, Pairs, Fours, Mixed Pairs, Senior Triples) the same year are not eligible to compete.
  4. Teams have to be identified and names submitted to LBNS by midnight July 31, 2017. If a club cannot provide team then LBNS would offer the vacant spot to another club who had a competitive play down in accordance with its current policy in this regard. This will allow for a full slate of teams in the competition.
  5. The team that wins the bluenose championship is ineligible to compete in the bluenose championship as a team the next year.
  6. The rules of play are as set out below.
  7. Once a three person team has been declared a club champion, a maximum of 1 replacement/substitute player from the club can play lead.
  8. Each team must be comprised of 3 players. There is no age restriction.
  9. LBNS has the sole authority to grant exceptions to these rules in extraordinary circumstances. Before exercising this discretion, LBNS will consult with at least two lawn bowls clubs not impacted by the decision, and will notify all teams participating in the event in writing of any decisions regarding exceptions that are granted.
  10. Fees: There will be an entry fee charged. For 2017, the entry fee will be $10.00 per player and is payable prior to the competition by the team’s home club. These funds will be awarded to the winners and shared equally between the two winning teams. For administrative ease the fee can be paid in cash at the start of play to the LBNS or Host club representative in charge of the event.


Tournament Rules

Any situation not covered by the following and not under the jurisdiction of the Umpire (s) will be resolved by the Games Committee.

1. The rules of play shall be those of Bowls Canada as contained in the Laws of the Sport of Bowls except as noted below. 

2. Events will be held in the Men's and Ladies Triples only.

3. Play will be single round robin.

4. Points will be awarded on the following basis: Win = 2 points   Tie = 1 point

5. (a) All games will consist of 14 ends. In case of three or more teams tied at the end of Round Robin Play, there will be a flip of a coin to see who will get the bye and who will play in the first match. 

   (b)  In case of a tie the winner will be determined by the aggregate system "shots for divided by shots against." 

  (c)  Playoff games will be maximum 10 ends, no time limit. 

  (d) A Dead End is an end played, with the exception or the 14th end, and subject to Rule 6(b)

6. The following has been passed.

     (a)  Triples will be limited to 2 hours and 15 minutes.

     (b) There will be a warning bell half way through each game and a warning bell will be rung 5 minutes before game ends. If an end has been started before the warning bell, it may be finished. The end will be considered started if the jack has been delivered and is a legal jack.

    (c) In case of delay in the start of the game by a team being absent: after a delay of 10 minutes, a score of three points for the first end shall be awarded to the opposing team. After 15 minutes, from the start time the game will be defaulted and awarded to the opposing team. 

      (d) Deliberate delay during a game: a warning shall be given by the Head Umpire. If a second warning is necessary, the guilty team shall default the game. 

7. Each Club Team shall consist of 3 male and 3 female 

8. (a) No substitutes will be permitted except in exceptional circumstances; the Games Committee shall decide.  

(b) If a substitute is required, it must be from the club involved if possible. 

9.  Games Committee to consist of the Umpire in Charge (who will serve as the chairperson of the committee), the event chair, host club President or designate, the host club Provincial Match Chair, and the host club Greens Chairman (inclement weather only). Any three may act, of which the Umpire in Charge must be one.

10. Protests will be considered only if received from the contesting skip in writing by the Chairperson of the Games Committee within two hours of the completion of the Provincial Competition. No protests will be accepted after the two hours have elapsed. The Games Committee will review any input regarding the protest and come to a decision within 24 hours of the initial incident.

11. A player or a team represented by its skip has the right to appeal the Games Committee's decision, but must do so within 72 hours of the initial incident. The written appeal (along with a deposit cheque of $100) should be directed to LBNS President and Executive. Once the Executive and its review committee has come to a decision on the appeal the skip will be notified. If the appeal has been successful the cheque will be returned; otherwise, it is forfeited to LBNS.