Lawn Bowls Nova Scotia

Communities, Culture & Heritage

The mission of Lawn Bowls Nova Scotia shall be to promote, develop and govern the game of lawn bowls, both indoor and outdoor, in the Province of Nova Scotia. 

Lawn Bowls Nova Scotia Officers - 2018

Executive Officers

President                                            Howard Oakey (Bedford LBC)

Vice President                                    Chris Donnachie (Wanderers LBC)

Secretary                                            Joan MacDonald (St. Mary's LBC)

Treasurer                                            Janet Kelly (Bedford LBC)

Past President                                     Dale Kidd (Wanderers LBC)

Board of Directors

Chief Umpire/Officiating Coordinator        Ron Cameron (Wanderers LBC)

Coaching Coordinator                               Carolyn Ulch (Bedford LBC)

Greens                                                       Steve Bezanson (Wanderers LBC)          

Junior Development                                  Lena Cameron (Wanderers LBC)/Tammy Foster-Veinot (Bridgetown LBC)

Marketing and Public Relations                John Siteman (Dartmouth LBC)

Match                                                       Mark Robar (Wanderers LBC)

Provincial Liaison                                    Ann Marie Siteman (Dartmouth LBC)

Trophies                                                   Doug McLearn (Bedford LBC)

Ways and Means                                      vacant                         

Provincial Affiliates
Blue Book Manager- Kathy Myketyn (Dartmouth LBC)
Archivist- Alexander Vance (Dartmouth LBC)

LBNS Strategic Planning Committee
Howard Oakey (Bedford LBC) – Chair
Albert Tanguay (Bedford LBC)
Carolyn Ulch (Bedford LBC)
Dorothy Lynch (St. Mary's LBC)
Gerry Cameron (St. Mary's LBC)
Jean Kidd (Wanderers LBC)
Anne MacDonald (Wanderers LBC)
Diana Cook (Dartmouth LBC)
Brenda Reesor (Dartmouth LBC)

LBNS Marketing and Public Relations Committee
John Siteman (Dartmouth LBC)- Chair
Chris Donnachie (Cobequid LBC)
Alexander Vance (Dartmouth LBC)
Tammy Foster-Veinot (Bridgetown LBC)
Gladys Otterson (Cobequid LBC)