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Coaching Bowls in Nova Scotia

LBNS runs programs for becoming a certified NCCP Coach for bowls.  Organized by LBNS Coaching Coordinator Carolyn Ulch, the course runs over 8.5 hours (usually a Friday evening and Saturday).  The course covers many topics around coaching as put together by NCCP and Bowls Canada Boulingrin, including Participant-centred Coaching, Long-term Athlete Development, Safety, Making Ethical Decisions, Explaining and Demonstrating Bowls Skills, Selecting and Implementing Purposeful Games and Practice Planning. These topics ensure that the Trained Club Coaches have the tools and knowledge they need to work effectively.  For more information or if interested in becoming a certified coach, contact LBNS Coaching Coordinator Carolyn Ulch.

Policy for Coaching Junior Bowlers

LBNS will institute the following policy in relation to coaching Junior bowlers. Coaches of minors (junior bowlers under 18 years old) are required to submit to the provincial coaching coordinator, a criminal record check and a child abuse registry check by the last day of May in order to coach in a given season. Checks are good for three years and are performed by the local police department. LBNS will reimburse any cost associated with the checks.