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   Presentation on Coaching Transition

Frequently Asked Questions- Transfer of Coaching Qualifications

Q. Why are my qualifications being transferred? 

A. Your qualifications are being transferred so that the NCCP coaching partnership can better serve you and provide you with information and opportunities that are relevant to today’s coaching demands and in today’s coaching environment.

Q. Will I lose the qualifications or training I have completed? Are my Levels-NCCP Qualifications still valid?

A. Everything you have completed in the NCCP will remain on your transcript. None of your qualifications will be removed and your Levels-NCCP qualifications will still be recognized by the sport community, including your National Sport Organization.

Q. Will I need to complete any other training?

A. Safe and ethical coaching is the cornerstone of the NCCP. All coaches must complete the Make Ethical Decisions component of their program in order to achieve or maintain ‘certified’ status in The Locker. For information on Make Ethical Decisions and on how to access the training or evaluation, click here.

Q. Will I need to do anything else?

A. All coaches in the NCCP must now maintain their certification by actively coaching and by engaging in professional development opportunities. For more information on maintaining your certification, click here.

Q. What does this mean for me now? Can I still coach?

A. Yes you can!

Q. How can I see my new qualifications?

A. Your qualifications will automatically be transferred to your transcript and will be identified as “Transferred”. To see your NCCP transcript, please click here