Lawn Bowls Nova Scotia

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Provincial Champions Going to Nationals in 2016

Fours - Debbie Foster, Tammy Foster-Veinot, Anita Knox, Jackie Foster

Runner Up- Carolyn Ulch, Joanne Guilderson, Ann Marie Siteman, Lorraine Bezanson

Fours - Cameron Lefresne, Ian MacDonald, Mark Robar, Charles Stock

Triples - Steve Ogden, Terry O'Neil, Steve Bezanson

Runner Up - Mark Robar, Doug McLearn, Jack Robar

Triples - Lena Cameron, Anne MacDonald, Ruth Bowman 

Runner Up - Verna Murray, Vivian Condran, Val Bechard

Pairs - Verna Murray, Lorraine Bezanson (replaces Val Bechard)

Runner Up - Carolyn Ulch, Joanne Guilderson

Pairs - Doug McLearn, Jim Granville (replaces Jack Robar)

Runner Up - Keith Ramey, Kevin Ramey

Mixed Pairs - Steve Bezanson, Lorraine Bezanson

Runner Up - Jack Robar, Lena Cameron

Singles - Lena Cameron

Singles - Steve Ogden

Senior Ladies - Debbie Foster, Anita Knox and Val Bechard

Runner Up - Lena Cameron, Anne MacDonald and Alice Hadley

Senior Mens - Chris Donnachie, Dale Kidd and Jim Granville

Runner Up - Doug McLearn, Hector Comeau, Jack Robar

Juniors - Braeden Campbell

Runner Up - Liam Campbell